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Payroll Management

Payroll management is a method of administering employees’ salaries in an organization. The process consists of calculations of employee salaries and tax deductions, administering employee benefits, payment of salaries, filling returns and submitting the statutory deduction, make payment for the other payroll deductions. Sheer Logic Management Consultants Ltd understands that payroll is a time-consuming, non-revenue generating necessity, and our goal is to alleviate our clients of that responsibility by establishing a close working relationship that ultimately saves our clients both time and money. We work directly with our clients to ensure that the payroll process is catered to their specific needs. Our service takes the time-consuming tasks of payroll administration away from the client so that they can get back to business. SLMC offers a wide array of integrated products and services guaranteeing a smooth and uncomplicated payroll process.

Why outsource pay-roll management

  • To improve efficiency of company’s administration.
  • To store up-to-date information of the employees.
  • To make the employees understand the rules of the company.
  • To reduce extra cost
  • Security.

  • Credibility.
  • Flexibility.

SLMC is always researching to keep up with new and Improved ways to ensure up to date and cost effective payroll services.

Our client service and timely response allows us to stand out from others. Every phone call and question is answered by a knowledgeable and friendly payroll coordinator.

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