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Corporate Training

The work environment today is dynamic and requires constant upgrading of skills to enable individuals cope with the changes. While talent development, using planned and unplanned learning is reserved for top management, it is clear that career development is necessary for the retention of any employee, no matter what their level in the company.

Research has shown that some type of career path is necessary for job satisfaction Sheer Logic Management Consultants Limited (SLMC) recognizes the need to continuously improve on your teams’ performance.

We bring to our clients, new ideas, new business models and new perspectives while incorporating industry’s best practices and organizations' culture.

We can develop a Training program as we seek to partner with you on staff talent development activities to ensure that you optimize your employee's motivation. Our programs will be further tailored to address your specific training needs for the participants at individual and organizational level.

The focus is to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge for immediate application at their work places, With the aim of instilling a sense of ownership and responsibility to facilitate improved performance.

At the conclusion of each program, we encourage participants to formulate a ‘Way Forward’ on how a participant intends to translate the newly acquired skills and knowledge into an Action Plan for the benefit of their respective organizations and themselves as individuals.

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