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Consultancy Services

Sheer logic’s consulting services are result-oriented and we endeavor to involve the client in every stage from problem diagnosis to the implementation phase. Our participatory approach aims at building the internal capacity of the organization to sustain continuous improvement. We achieve this through provision of appropriate support, follow-up and partnering with the client organization. Our major areas of consultancy are:

Learning & Organizational Development

Today’s dynamic business environment requires periodic evaluation of work processes. From a growth and development perspective, the specific skills and competencies required by today’s workforce is also dynamic in response to the ever increasing demands of clients. To this end, Sheer Logic partners with her clients to enhance business performance by focusing on the people, culture and organization ‘drivers’ required for sustaining a competitive advantage through our learning and organizational development interventions. These include but are not limited to:

  • Institutional strengthening, restructuring and re-organization
  • Strategic Management
  • Management of Organizational Change
  • Productivity and Quality improvement (TQM / ISO).
  • Project assessment and evaluation
  • Culture Change

Human Capital Development

The Human Resources function is a key part of the strategic leadership of every organization because Human capital is the most critical component of any organization; therefore, if the “Human Capital” component is absent or the wrong mix, then the organization at best will only achieve marginal results through “strategy” and “processes.”

Sheer Logic works with your organization to ensure that your business conforms to the best-of-breed human capital processes, systems and procedures in all or any of the highlighted areas:

  • Grading and Salary structuring
  • HR Policies and Procedure Development
  • HR/Staff Audit
  • Human Resource Management
  • HR Tools and Survey
  • Employee / Labor relations
  • Job Evaluation
  • Design and Review of Job Descriptions

SLMC is always researching to keep up with new and Improved ways to ensure up to date and cost effective payroll services.

Our client service and timely response allows us to stand out from others. Every phone call and question is answered by a knowledgeable and friendly payroll coordinator.

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